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In this course, you’ll learn to implement data driven customer journeys in a live Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance. Your Salesforce certified instructor will up-skill you on the platform, as well as outline common gotchas, provide helpful tips & hints and direct you though best practices to truly ramp up your online programs.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is designed for new comers to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, ideally with 0 – 12 months experience. It’s perfect for people that want to understand the fundamentals of using Marketing Cloud to manage Contacts, build & test Content and setup Automated solutions. While no experience on the platform is necessary, a basic understanding of emails and customer journeys would be an advantage.


Generally, the course is a four day course, stating at 9AM and finishing around 4:30PM. This can be flexible, so contact us with your needs and we’ll work out a solution that works for you and your team.

What’s Covered?

In the course, we’ll build out an Event Registration journey for a fictional organisation. Each module that you undertake will build out one part of the journey. You’ll understand how data is used to support the event, build out cross-channel content to promote the event and design an automated journey to support the event and collect feedback. Finally, you’ll use reporting tools to measure success.


Day 1

What is Marketing Cloud?

Getting to know your Contacts: Using Data in Marketing Cloud

Day 2

Creating Awesome Emails: Creating Content, Templates and Email Messages in Content Builder

Day 3

Cross-Channel Communications: Using Mobile, Social Ads and Landing Pages in Journeys

Automating Processes: Managing your data through automations

Day 4

Automating Communications: Sending the right message, to the right person at the right time

Measuring your Impact: Analytics and Reporting in Marketing Cloud


Pricing for this course starts at $2500 per attendee. This includes access to a Marketing Cloud instance for the training, lunch and refreshments daily, your Marketing Cloud workbook and discounted pricing for additional training sessions. Contact us for group pricing, organisation exclusive sessions and not-for-profit pricing.

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