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Email marketing programs are often the online lifeblood of an organisation. In this 2-day, expert-led class, you’ll discuss and learn current email marketing best practices, making you invaluable to your organisation. We’ll arm you with best practices around subscriber data, permissions, content, testing and reporting.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course focuses on marketers and communications specialists, managing email marketing campaigns and programs. If you’re new to email marketing, or you’re looking to further your knowledge, this course is perfect for you.


This is a two day course, stating at 9AM and finishing around 4:30PM. This can be flexible, so contact us with your needs and we’ll work out a solution that works for you and your team.

What’s Covered?

  • Discuss and identify compliance with local and international laws and regulations
  • Discuss opt-in permissions, bounce management and unsubscribe processes
  • Understand how data can be imported, joined, segmented and queried to create audiences
  • Understand deliverability and how to monitor for issues
  • Use design best practices to establish templates and content to expand your email offering
  • Implement a robust pre-launch testing process
  • Identify where to use Automations to reduce manual tasks
  • Discuss and identify personalisation opportunities
  • Develop a reporting strategy
  • Develop a writing style that cuts through on email
  • Maximise your organisation’s investment in email marketing programs


Day 1

What is Deliverability?

Some Rules and Regulations

Getting Permission and Maintaining a Clean List

Using Customer Data Responsibly

Day 2

Email Design & Build Best Practices

Writing for Online Audiences

Effective Testing Strategies


Pricing for this course starts at $1500 per attendee. This includes lunch and refreshments daily, your Marketing Cloud workbook and discounted pricing for additional training sessions. Contact us for group pricing, organisation exclusive sessions and not-for-profit pricing.

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